The most special Square Waves

Discover the unique collection of Kinetrika, designed by the highly acclaimed British artist Ivan Black. We have collected some of the most mesmerizing Square Wave sculptures that can bring a little magic to our every day. No matter which sculpture you choose, you can be confident that you will receive a unique, handmade piece of kinetic art that was created to meet the highest standards of quality and excellence.



This Square Wave has a genuine 24k gold finish that radiates luxury. It will turn any room into the image of refinement and sophistication, the perfect choice if you need a touch of exclusivity for a special occasion. Square Wave 24K real gold finish means it has deep caramel hues that are perfect for relaxation. 24K is 100% Made in Italy by highly skilled gilding experts. These Italian artisans also specialize in restoring ancient jewelry and artifacts. All of our Sculptures stand the test of time but the 24K Gold Square Wave edition ensures that your sculpture will be timeless. There is no material more classic than Gold.



Square Wave Aurora’s optical illusion is grafted directly onto every inch of it’s metal frame, as you spin it or your friends and family play with it, it shimmers in the light creating beautiful swirls composed of fiery reds and electric blues. These vibrant colors are sure to light up the eyes and minds of whoever gazes upon it. One might go so far as saying that the experience is almost magical but we like to say that it is unforgettable, experiencing your Square Wave Aurora’s bouquet of colors is visually stunning and will leave a lasting impact.



Flow Wave is a new way to display your Square Wave, adding constant and endless motion to your kinetic sculpture. Flow Wave naturally and elegantly spins your Square Wave with a random motion, while complimenting it with different and colorful lights that can be turn on or off. These features mean that you can customize your Flow Wave to revitalize or completely change the mood of whatever space you choose. Set your lights to a rich, red hue as you sit down for dinner with the family, to recreate the effect of warm candlelight, bathing the room in tranquility.

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