A Voyage Into Pure Relaxation

For some meditation is a hobby, for others it can be a spiritual and psychological rite of passage into relaxation and a higher understanding of the world around us. Whatever you believe personally, it can certainly be said that different forms of meditation have been found across hundreds of cultures and societies.

This ability to transcend everything from oceans to language differences heavily implies that there is something truly unique and magical about this human phenomenon. Another interesting aspect of this form of relaxation is that it often uses implements or special objects that range from metronomes and body stones to incense.

These objects are often believed to have a hypnotic effect on their passengers, helping them dive ever deeper into tranquility. Discover precisely how Square Wave can be one of those objects and help you reach that tranquility through meditation.

A Gateway To Serenity

Think of Square Wave as so much more than a sculpture or toy and take a moment to imagine it as a companion on your voyage towards healing. As you step into a warm pool or lay out your woven straw yoga mat on the floor, bring Square Wave with you and place it just in front of your meditation spot; almost as if it were a guiding light or mandala.

 Its gentle curves and softly flowing lines are the epitome of relaxation and as you repeat your mantra or think of whatever draws you into a state of peace, stare at Square Wave as it calmly dances in the air. 

This can be a unique way to perform open eye meditation, allowing you to stay perfectly aware of your surroundings while using an object to give your conscious mind something to focus on – all the while leaving space for your subconscious mind not to distract itself. Square Wave will be your personal gateway to serenity.

Enhancing Awareness

Reaching peak meditation is all about focus and while it can be an extremely calming experience it also requires a good deal of positive cognition and clarity; luckily for you Square Wave can help with that as well.

Square Wave and interactive toys in general are specialized in improving awareness. Aside from the fact that relaxation is an amazing source of attentiveness as it clears the body of stress hormones, like cortisol, fidgeting can help expel excess or pent up energy allowing your subconscious mind to stay on track with its deeper reasoning processes by occupying the conscious mind.

This is essential to a good meditation session. Interacting or playing with your Square Wave a few minutes before a session can improve your mental clarity and help you focus on clearing you psyche of all that clutter making it that much easier to find your zen.

The Mystery and Magic of Trance

Trance is another essential key to meditation and it is a key theme across cultures. You may have heard of “sending someone into trance” in relation to hypnosis, but at the end of the day trance is just one way of accessing the subconscious mind.

This is essentially a state of being partly awake and partly asleep or at least detached from the distractions of external stimuli, similar to what happens when we day dream and block out the outside world for a few minutes. 

Entering a state of trance can improve your mood and help your mind rest by eliminating negative thoughts and stimuli, giving you a safe space to rest in your mind while still being awake and functional.

The magical experience of Trance is often induced by moving objects like a ticking clock or even something as abstract as waves softly beating against the beach. You can use Square Wave to reach a state of trance even faster by watching its methodical waves slowly flow into the air, all the while relaxing you and releasing pent up energy from your conscious mind.

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