What is Square Wave?

Square Wave is art with purpose. In this introductory post, we will sum up everything you need to know about this hypnotic new object all the things that Square Wave can be used for.

What is kinetic art?

Kinetic art is a term that most often refers to three-dimensional sculptures and figures in motion. The word kinetic finds its origins in the ancient Greek word “kinesis” meaning motion or the act of motion. Kinetic artworks can be made of any medium and they can be activated by diverse methods of force: they can be tactile and interactive, machine operated, but they can also rely solely on gravity or move naturally by the power of the wind. 

The original large-scale art piece by Ivan Black
The original, large-scale art piece by Ivan Black

How was Square Wave born?

Square Wave was originally a meticulously designed, larger-scale art installation created by British sculptor Ivan Black. He began making sculptures at an early age, motion quickly becoming the body his work, adding another dimension of complexity to his experiments. Ivan Black’s work uses a series of unique mechanisms to create moving sculptures. Energy is channelled into Black’s works through anything from the interaction of the viewer to the natural power of blowing wind and the targeted use of gravity. Designed in the UK by artist Ivan Black…. and each on of those is handmade one by one, Square Wave combines iconic natural forms with mathematical formulae. Each bend and curl of the material is precisely calibrated to create a seamlessly integrated mechanism.

Square Wave is the result of extensive prototyping and iterations. Tiny handmade tweaks and adjustments were made in order to find the smoothest balance between the weight and length of each metal rod. The second step was converting this artisanal method into a replicable process. In order to do so, we relied on world-class artisans, with decades of experience. Square Wave is assembled by hand, making each one unique.

Copper Edition Square Wave
Copper Edition Square Wave

Stunning Electrifying Illusions

Square Wave kinetic piece is served to demonstrate the beauty of the ‘divine proportion’, known better as the golden ratio. The spinner is made up of 21 carefully intertwined metal rods which curve and warp at their own whim. One simple twist of a hand can bring the structure to life. The repetition of identical elements is calibrated to create complex fluid structures. The attention to detail and craftsmanship in each Square Wave makes it a long-lasting interactive art piece.

Rare gem: the Square Wave in Emerald Green
Rare gem: the Square Wave in Emerald Green

Perfect simplicity and modern design

Square Wave was originally created as an artistic sculpture long before it was considered to be a relaxing, mind focusing dynamic kinetic spinner.  When not in use, it adds an element of elegance to any style interior whether it be modern, classic or vintage. Its beauty is timeless and it never seems out of place. You can hang it from the ceiling as kinetic sculpture or play with it whenever you feel like it. Its gorgeous geometry makes it a truly unique mobile piece.

A Timeless Sculpture that Blends in With Any Environment

Square Wave is a beautifully designed work of art and is a perfect accent for every room. Its beauty is timeless and it never seems out of place. You can admire it in a statuesque standing position, or hang it from the ceiling as a revolving sculpture. The sculpture is made of high quality chrome-plated steel and is treated for both indoor and outdoor environments. You can hang it from the old oak tree in the garden or use it as a wind sculpture by the porch, this kinetic sculpture is made to last.

Square Wave Sapphire
The Sapphire Square Wave kinetic sculpture

Relax Your Mind and Get Some Distraction

Square Wave is a relaxing pendant or stress aid that will make your mind circle back. Our sculpture is a modern take on mandalas and stress relief objects. Use it as a soothing kinetic art piece to play with or simply observe for hours. It’s inherently intuitive to use! It  is the perfect tool when it comes to helping us relax, daydream or reflect on life. Spinning it will give you instant stress relief, a calm sensation that will help to find your balance again. Use this sculpture to inspire everyday inner peace, or to complete your meditation practices with it.

Square Wave comes with a beautiful, high quality gift box
Left: the Lunar Gold Square Wave. Right: The exclusive, 24 Karat Gold edition

An unique gift idea both for Him and Her

Each Square Wave is handmade and delivered with an elegant, black finished packaging, making it a thoughtful gift, both original and unexpected. Square Wave is a rare example of stunning design and a unique present for that hard to buy for person who already has everything.

12 thoughts on “What is Square Wave?”

  1. Cheryle Brandsma

    I received the square silver square wave with the intention of hanging it outside to blow in the wind. Now I am unable to find how to do that on your web site. Maybe it doesn’t work well the way I thought I would use it. Please give me advice. Thank you. Cheryle Brandsma

    1. We suggest hanging a weight (something as small as a fishing weight would do) about 12 inches from the bottom. This helps to keep it in motion much longer. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. Hi Kinetrika, I love my square waves but really want to know how the Fibonacci sequence is incorporated into this? I couldn’t tell from the website or blog articles. Does inspired by mean that the Fibonacci sequence can’t be found in the product but that the curl of the square resembles the spiral associated with Fibonacci sequence?

    1. Hi Katie, the Fibonacci sequence can be found in the movement of Square Wave, as it curls into a golden spiral.

  3. “The second step was converting this artisanal method into a replicable process. In order to do so, we relied on world-class artisans, with decades of experience. Square Wave is assembled by hand, making each one unique.” Where are these made?

  4. Julie Davenport

    Hi, it’s hard for me to tell but is it “one square wave = all different shapes” or “different types of square waves = different shapes each?” I can’t tell if one square wave does all of the different designs or if there are different square waves for different designs, does that make sense?

    1. Hi Julie, the difference is only in the finishings/colors. The shape and the mechanism are the same for all Square Wave models. However, there are a few exceptions: the stainless-steel Horizon edition is a smaller executive toy and comes with its own special stand. Some limited editions come with a double-magnet stand. If you’re unsure about the finishing and dimensions of a sculpture, you can find more information about them under ‘Tech Specs’ on each product page.

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