The Apollo Missions: A Celebration of Bravery

The Apollo Missions - A Celebration of Bravery

On July 20, 1969 at 8:17 PM UTC, a crew of astronauts perilously voyaged across the cosmic pond that separates our Earth from the Moon, and successfully landed on the Lunar Surface. Neil A. Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” E. Aldrin and Michael Collins represented all mankind that day. Just as their boots left marks in the dusty canyons and dark craters of the moon, these men permanently left their mark on the face of history.

The Apollo spacecraft
Size comparison of command service and lunar modules - original sketch of the Apollo missions

The journey there was not smooth and absolutely anything but easy. As the astronauts were landing, a program error appeared. At the same time NASA was having trouble connecting to the lunar module, they were unable to land on the pre-agreed location due to the moons gravity and were dealing with rapidly deteriorating fuel reserves. These perils highlight the bravery needed for space travel. Certainly, it remains impressive and awe inspiring how much these men risked: their lives, families, friends and home, in order to advance mankind.

The Apollo 14: the third manned lunar landing mission crew
Apollo 14: the crew of the third manned lunar landing mission

In recent years Apollo 11 reached its 50th Anniversary. For this reason, artisans and makers across the world created objects to honour the sacrifice and bravery of those fine days in which we trekked the cosmos, and succeeded.

Neil Armstrong took this photograph of Aldrin with a 70mm lunar surface camera
Neil Armstrong took this photograph of Aldrin with a 70mm lunar surface camera

Square Wave has also done so in its own small way. As we are made up of an international team of Britons, Americans and Italians, we profoundly appreciate the message of global cooperation and progress that NASA has spread across the modern world, unifying man kind for a greater good.


Square Wave - Lunar Gold Edition
Square Wave - Lunar Gold Edition

In honour of the harrowing missions flown to reach the moon, we based our Lunar Gold coloured sculpture on the gold shielding used on everything from astronaut’s suits, to the outside of the LLM. This is a small homage to our passion and love for space exploration and the lunar missions and a way to remind ourselves of the great things we are capable of achieving when humanity works together!

A letter signed by Buzz Aldrin

In fact, We are so passionate about the Apollo Missions and space that Kinetrika actually owns one of the original pieces of Mylar alongside a letter signed by Buzz Aldrin, which we proudly keep in our offices.

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