Reclaim Sleep with Square Wave

Reclaim Sleep with the Square Wave kinetic spinner

Sleep can be elusive, especially in an age where our use of screens increases our exposure to melatonin blocking the blue light. It can often be nerve-wracking to find solutions to our resulting sleep deprivation problems. That’s why many of us turn to medication or a variety of chemical remedies. However, that may not always be the answer to reclaiming your ability to get a good night’s rest.

There are plenty of simple and often ancient remedies to sleep loss. For example they use implements like mobiles or simple mental tricks like counting backward that naturally coax your eyes shut. Discover how Square Wave is equally helpful in sleep recovery in this article.

Square Wave kinetic sculpture and

A Secret Key to Sleep

Reach back into your furthest memories, when you were in the crib or think of when you watched any movie where a “baby room” is present and you will always notice one thing sticks out in every instance. There is always a hanging and usually spinning mobile sitting above the crib. That implement is not simple decor. In fact, infants find it extremely hard to sleep and kinetic sculptures can fix that.

Mobiles can be placed above a bed or place of rest in order lull us to sleep.  Following its methodic motions with your eyes distracts the brain from conscious thought and helps clear the mind.

 Square Wave is a mobile that does precisely that. It can perform a beautiful ballet of mesmerizing patterns and optical illusions that will ensure you get the best rest possible. Square Wave is also based on the Fibonacci sequence. This formula dictates the symmetry and inherent beauty of nature and the universe, making Square Wave innately pleasing to the human mind.

Power of trance - relaxing kinetic sculpture - focal point of meditation

The Power of Trance

Trance derives from the Latin word “transir” which means to go across. That is because going to sleep or “entering trance” is like crossing a barrier in which you transition from the conscious mind to the unconscious mind.

This  state of semi-consciousness  allows us to experience deeper and more relaxing sleep. Moreover, it is part of the process of going to sleep because your immediate thoughts need to have a chance to cool down before you can finally rest. 

Trance is induced by kinetic objects like Square Wave. Staring at the repetitive and soothing twirls that your sculpture performs will allow you to easily and comfortably drift into trance and eventually sleep.

Square Wave can bring you relaxation and improve your focus, all by interacting with it.

Innately Soothing

The Fibonacci Sequence is found nearly everywhere including Square Wave, it is also naturally pleasing to the human eye and mind. We subconsciously seek out the proportions and harmonies present in the sequence, which is precisely why even if we do not necessarily directly attempt to include it in our works of art and sculpture (although many have done so intentionally), it can be found in so many masterpieces.

There is an innate beauty in the sequence that draws us to it, this is precisely why Square Wave is so soothing. It is largely because the golden ratio is a code that has been programmed into the natural world and our minds making Square Wave a metaphorical teleportation device that can transport you to the tranquil perfection of waves crashing on the beach at dawn, or the wind blowing in beautiful spirals through the soft summer grass.

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