Visual Therapy With Square Wave

We all have our calming rituals, the moments that ground us. Some of us take long walks on the beach, letting the soft sand weave between our toes, others sit in silence in a dark room, listening to the slow click-clack of a metronome as it draws them into trance. In a world which grows in pace every day and is all about moving and thinking fast, it can be comforting and relieving to posses an object that tells you it’s alright to slow down and rest a while. Square Wave is designed to be both beautiful and soothing, spending a few moments meditating or playing with something as simple as your Kinetic sculpture can have profound holistic benefits on your ability to manage stress and focus.

Rebuilding Your Focus, Improving Your Concentration

Reach back into your furthest memories, when you were in the crib or think of when you watched any movie where a “baby room” is present and you will always notice one thing sticks out in every instance. There is always a hanging and usually spinning mobile sitting above the crib, and that implement is not simple decor, infants find it extremely hard to sleep and kinetic sculptures can fix that. Mobiles can be placed above a bed or place of rest in order lull us to sleep, following its methodical motions with your eyes distracts the brain from conscious thought and helps clear the mind. Square Wave is a mobile which does precisely that, It can perform a beautiful ballet of mesmerizing patterns and optical illusions that will ensure you get the best rest possible. Square Wave is also based on the Fibonacci sequence, a formula which dictates the symmetry and inherent beauty of nature and the universe, making Square Wave innately pleasing to the human mind.


Have you ever wondered why Square Wave turns so gracefully, how it sails through the air in that hypnotic way. Square Wave’s curvature is based on Fibonacci’s golden ratio, intentionally. That is why we often relate Square Wave to nature and encourage its use out in a forest, or by a gushing stream. In some poetic way your kinetic sculpture is linked to the physical world around you, it is Part of the key to unlocking the mystery behind our innate love for the imperfect, perfection of the natural world is in Square Wave. Every time you look at your Square Wave, you can think about the fact that you are looking at a small piece of the puzzle that makes up our infinitely complex universe. Square Wave is a physical reflection of the Fibonacci Sequence, an educational, soothing and beautiful sculpture that is intrinsically linked to the very fabric of our cosmos.a macroscopic look at a design element of mother nature that makes the world around us so unique and beautiful.

Defeating Stress At Its Root

Stress is barely a word anymore, it might as well be a person looming over our every action. Square Wave can help heal the voids stress leaves in our lives and help us manage it, much like the mandalas and prayer beads of old. We don’t fully understand why, but using kinetic objects like Square Wave can relieve the pain and anxiety that builds up because of stress. On top of that using these objects in stressful situations can help you to moderate your reactions to difficult scenarios and control your emotions. Think of Angela Merkel’s famous hand stance, she is actually using one of these techniques, it is often referred to as stimming. The same goes for actions like shaking your leg under the table or fidgeting with a pen, they all help to relieve stress. Think of Square Wave as a portable zen garden, when you need a moment of relaxation, let it spin with a flick of your wrist and sooth you into a state of tranquility.

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