Square Wave As A Dream Catcher

In a Native American tribe the legend of a spider woman by the name of Asibikaashi was told to children just before they lay down to sleep. As the legend goes, Asibikaashi was in charge of protecting the young and elderly, however, as her tribe spread across all corners of North America, it became increasingly difficult for Asibikaashi to protect her people. To make up for this absence, the elders of the tribe made webs from natural fibers tied together with beads and feathers – intended to evoke Asibikaashi and scare off any malignant spirits that might crawl in the dark shadows of the night. Since these early whispers of folklore, dream catchers have grown in notoriety and are used across the world. Learn how your Square Wave can become your own personal iteration of this instrument against sinister spirits.

The Guardian of Dreams

For millennia, in all manner of cultures, spinning charms and icons have been hung above beds to ward off evil during the wee hours of the night. Square Wave is embedded with inherently soothing qualities, as well as key geometrical features that make nature the serene and beautiful place it is. Let your artistic instincts guide you in creating your very own dream catcher using Square Wave, tie on feathers and beads of your choice or objects of personal significance that will provide you with a feeling of protection and tranquility as you drift off into the land of dreams. In the end, hang your Square Wave above your bed, as a mobile, in order to harness it’s relaxing properties for the sake of a good night’s rest – or to act as a net that can catch a pesky bad dream or two.

Fall Sound Asleep

Even if you don’t believe in Native American folklore or the story of Asibikaashi, there are some very practical reasons why artworks like dream catchers can help us fall sound asleep. Since the beginning of time moving sculptures, known as mobiles, have served an essential role in lulling people to sleep, the soft swaying of an object back and forth above a bed can remind us of the swaying of trees or receding waves on a shoreline.

This rocking or swaying goes back to our infancy when our parents rocked us to sleep, leaving us deeply implanted with an attachment to this motion. Square Wave acts exactly like a mobile, naturally spinning and twirling in hypnotic patterns that will help you fall asleep peacefully and pleasantly – despite whether you believe in ancient folklore or not.

A trick for Easy sleep

Trance derives from the Latin word “transir” which means to go across, that is because going to sleep or entering trance is like crossing a barrier in which you transition from the conscious mind to the unconscious mind. Trance allows us to experience deeper and more relaxing sleep, it is also part of the process of going to sleep because your immediate thoughts need to have a chance to cool down before you can finally rest. Trance is induced by kinetic objects like Square Wave, staring at the repetitive and soothing twirls that your sculpture performs will allow you to easily and comfortably drift into trance and eventually sleep.

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