Managing Hyperactivity With Square Wave

Hyperactivity seems to be more and more of a theme as the years go by. Indeed, there are many people who have uncontrollable energy or attention related disorders, however, it is worth noting that we grow increasingly sedentary and lose valuable hours outside as technology has slowly increased in our daily lives. We are creating a world where physical activity and interaction are constantly decreasing while the products and entities that keep us sitting down in one place for multiple hours at a time are increasing. Integrating small physical activities like fidgeting into your life can have unexpected effects on your concentration, mood and cognition; discover how Square Wave can help sustain you in that way in this week’s blog.

A Drastic Impact On Your Concentration

We have all experienced that moment as children, whether sitting in a classroom or doing a test where the examiner or teacher turned to you as you played with your rotating cube of choice or maybe even the nib of your pen and to tell you to stop. In fact, there is nothing wrong with fidgeting before or during a test or lesson. Minor physical activities like shaking your leg under the table or flipping your pen through your fingers release the neurotransmitter norepinephrine and dopamine into the brain.

These chemicals are also released by ADHD medication in order to sharpen the user’s focus. Fidgeting with your favorite toy of choice can have a drastic impact on your concentration and cognitive abilities, especially if you are doing during the activity you need to focus on.

A Natural Way To Handle Hyperactivity

A great many people need medication to live happy and healthy lives and that makes perfect sense, many of those dealing with the daily struggles of ADHD have imbalances that need to be corrected on a chemical level. There are many of us however, who do not necessarily deal with hyperactivity as an every day affair and often simply experience spurts of energy that can derail our focus and make us under perform in our day to day responsibilities. Numerous studies have shown that playing with objects like Square Wave can improve your focus and mood for the reasons listed above, giving those dealing with these energy spurts the ability to naturally and effectively manage their hyperactivity.

Being There For Our Community

Square Wave is here to help, numerous parents have come forward to tell us about how their children who deal with the difficulties of Autism have benefited from playing with their kinetic sculptures. These interactive artworks can help kids take a moment to put the disorienting distractions and loud noises of the surrounding world on hold, so they can focus on a singular task and clear their mind. Square Wave is honored to be part of a healing and coping process that seems to be helping our young customers with autism challenge the world head on with the confidence of relaxation on their side.

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