Square wave:Inspired by the sea

We all have our calming rituals, the moments that ground us. Some of us take long walks on the beach, letting the soft sand weave between our toes, others sit in silence in a dark room, listening to the slow click-clack of a metronome as it draws them into trance. In a world which grows in pace every day and is all about moving and thinking fast, it can be comforting and relieving to posses an object that tells you it’s alright to slow down and rest a while. Square Wave is designed to be both beautiful and soothing, spending a few moments meditating or playing with something as simple as your Kinetic sculpture can have profound holistic benefits on your ability to manage stress and focus.

The origins of square wave

The wild coastline of Pembrokeshire is a place sculpted by millennia of icy winds that sweep down from Greenland and the Labrador Sea, gliding through seaside canyons and lush green fields. Waves play an equally important part in shaping the limestone speckled coastline as they crawl into every stone chasm, carving deep into the landscape. These beautiful cliff sides and rolling fields are the birthplace of Square Wave as an idea and the home of Ivan Black’s workshop, an emporium of ideas and innovation nestled and immersed deep within the natural world. It is consequently obvious to see how so many of his sculptures are inspired by natural energy like the wind and move in ways that almost mimic nature’s inherent motion.

Beauty in nature

Square Wave produces a unique spiral when fully curved, this spiral forms what is known as the Fibonacci sequence. While we can’t go into all the details of what that means without writing an essay, the important thing to note is that this mathematical sequence is omnipresent across nature and our universe. The Golden Ratio (the sequence’s other popular name) determines the symmetry and structure of everything from our faces to the curvature of waves, just before they flow down into a coral reef. Square Wave is a real representation of the ocean’s waves, giving it a touch of magic and a mathematical connection that intertwines your sculpture with the natural world.

NATURALLY Therapeutic

Have you ever wondered why Square Wave turns so gracefully, how it sails through the air in that hypnotic way. Square Wave’s curvature is based on Fibonacci’s golden ratio, intentionally. That is why we often relate Square Wave to nature and encourage its use out in a forest, or by a gushing stream. In some poetic way your kinetic sculpture is linked to the physical world around you, it is a macroscopic look at a design element of mother nature that makes the world around us so unique and beautiful.


The sea and Square Wave, strange as it may sound, share many things in common. Other than it’s relation to the sea through the Fibonacci sequence, both marine environments and Square Wave can help us relax and heal. Square Wave’s natural movements as well as the act of fidgeting with Square Wave is relaxing as it causes your body to release trace amounts of Dopamine and Epinephrin, chemicals associated with happiness and focus.

Likewise, the seaside can have a similar curative effect, the soothing sound of crashing waves and the natural harmony of wind brushing across soft fields and sands can be profoundly therapeutic. Improve your experience at the beach by bringing Square Wave along and watch it sway in the maritime gusts.

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