Curing the Winter Blues With Square Wave

Curing the winter blues with fidgeting

We have all personally experienced seasonal mood swings to some degree. Many of us go through the difficult task of dealing with the shorter days and colder nights the winter season brings. This is not an experience limited to personal taste, as as a society we begin our most active festive season around the winter months and this is no accident.

For centuries we have understood the importance of introducing cheer and warmth into our lives during the darker, colder months. A lot of our seasonal moodiness is related to dopamine and serotonin lows. Discover how Square Wave can help manage those lows and bring you cheer during the equinox!

Curing seasonal moodiness with Square Wave

Curing Seasonal Moodiness

Objects are capable of retaining more power than we could ever imagine, sometimes appearing even magical in nature. Think of the unfiltered joy a Christmas ornament can bring to a room or the way a wind chime can immediately induce a feeling of deep serenity and nostalgia.

Square Wave is very similar to an ornament or wind chime, in that by watching it or interacting with it, you can raise your “happy hormone” levels, improving your mood and focus.

Fidgeting with fluid objects is profoundly relaxing and soothing. As a result it can help alleviate symptoms of winter sadness or laziness. Take a few minutes a day during the colder months to take Square Wave into your hands and let’s its soft swaying undulations transport you to a warm beach at dawn or a whispering field of wheat.

Square Wave is mesmerizing piece of kinetic art


We spend a lot of time giving you our take on why Square Wave and fidgeting in general can help improve your focus and mood. These claims can leave people wondering how exactly Square Wave does this. It seems that even minor physical activities, like spinning a pen around or shaking your leg increase neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrin,  in the same way ADHD medication does according to Dr. John Ratey.
 Both of these chemical compounds are essential to increasing focus and coherence. It is especially helpful if we perform two tasks at the same time, so fidgeting while studying or doing homework.


Getting Cozy in winter with Square Wave

Getting Cozy in Winter with Square Wave

Roaring fires scented with roasted pine branches and birch logs. The crystalline and magical hues of fallen snow nestled at the feet of stoic evergreens. Hot chocolate by the the oven and freshly picked chestnuts in a wicker basket by the door. 

You are sitting inside wrapped in a warm woolen blanket by the fire watching Square Wave twist and turn outside in the icy polar winds, soothing you to sleep. We all try to find our little comforts in the winter months. As we spend more time indoors thanks to the cold it is important to keep the mind relaxed or stimulated based on what you need.

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