The Spring Season With Square Wave

The beauty of spring, in part, is embodied in the variety and richness of natural colours that appear across hill tops and next to gurgling streams. It seems that, where there is life in this season, there is almost always an abundance of colour. Traditionally, this is celebrated by decorating the interior of one’s home with these vibrant tones, in the form of painted eggs and paper cut outs, however, you might want to consider an alternative! Square Wave performs eye catching kaleidoscope-like, optical illusions and pattern displays while also being coated in dozens of expertly applied, intense colours that range from deep oceanic blues to hot coral reds. Let Square Wave’s profusion of colours help you invite spring into your home, by using it to decorate!

Garden Season

The garden might be considered one’s place of pride during the spring, it’s the season when all those months of tender care for your plants and flowers finally yields rewarding results. If you have a garden that you are looking to showcase this spring, Square Wave makes the perfect, high-art garden sculpture. Square Wave’s special coating was designed to protect it from the all kinds of weather, meaning it will keep it’s amazing sheen even if kept outdoors. Square Wave is also based on the mathematical formula that dictates symmetry and beauty in nature, resultantly, it will fit flawlessly into any garden setting – hang yours from an ancient oak tree or majestic evergreen to exalt it’s natural beauty. Square Wave will add a dash of sophistication and elegance to any garden in bloom.

Relief And Refreshment

The importance of spring is also underlined by the harshness of the winter months, where nature’s bounty recedes and days grow shorter. It is during these months of solar abstinence that we are likely to develop increased levels of stress. Just like spring, Square Wave can provide some relief and a lot of refreshment from these colder months. 

Fidgeting and playing with sculptures like Square Wave for just a few minutes every day can increase your production of Dopamine and Epinephrine: resulting in increased awareness and focus. Square Wave’s natural patterns and hypnotic swaying motions are also profoundly soothing and can help you fall asleep faster and decrease tension in your body.

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