The Mathematical Sculptures of Ivan Black

Ivan Black's Vanes

Ivan Black uses the most iconic organic shapes to create large-scale metal structures that look both effortless and divine. He utilizes the power of mathematics to design upon the wonderful aesthetic rules of nature and to build artworks with many layers of complexity that twist and turn in beautiful and unpredictable ways.

Mathematical kinetic sculptures made by Ivan Black
Ivan Black artworks from left to right: Nebula, Nautilus, Yellow Circles, and Square Wave.

Iconic Nature Forms

Ivan Black’s work uses a series of unique mechanisms to create moving sculptures. His energized artworks have an inherent kinship with nature and they mostly operate with the energy of nature. They can shift and turn by several means; they can be moved by water, wind, or the essential power of human touch.

Ivan Black's Disc Vane kinetic sculpture
Ivan Black's Disc Vane kinetic sculpture

The Square Wave

Square Wave is made up of 24 intricately intertwined metal rods that bend and curl with a simple gust of wind or the flick of a wrist. The repetition of these rods is precisely calibrated to create a harmonic and fluid motion. One simple twist of a hand can bring the structure to life, creating a very personal and surprising experience.

Square Wave 24K gold as a garden decor
The limited edition 24 Karat Square Wave

The Mathematics of Life

Natural geometry and motion is the key design element behind the wonderful sculptures of Ivan Black. He has passion for geometry rooting from his childhood; he is inspired by growth patterns that are in the bone structure of every living thing. It is incredibly fascinating to watch how these sculptures unfurl, turning beautiful order into calibrated chaos.

Kinetic sculpture from Ivan Black
Ellipsoide, 2018. Alice Black Gallery

Magnetic Magic

When Ivan’s sculptures are energized by a motor or a special mechanism, they take an integral and aesthetic part of his creations. His magnetic sculptures are a great example of this design, where the metal pieces get polarised, creating dancing loops of motion. These sculptures often use hidden bearings or exposed magnets that become an essential part of the beauty of his artform.

Metal artworks from Ivan Black that are operated by magnets
From left to right: Orbit and Wind Ellipse; both sculptures are moved by magnetic bearings

The dynamic physics of Ivan’s sculptures are captivating. These art pieces invite the viewer to interact and experiment with them, and there are no two people that make these creations move and look the same way.

The Collection

Amethyst Limited Edition
$ 79.00 $ 54.00


Square Wave Bronze Eclipse
$ 69.00 $ 44.00


Square Wave Sapphire
$ 79.00 $ 54.00


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