The Ideas behind Ivan Black’s Square Wave

Square Wave creates a Fibonacci Spiral while it's spinning.

Ivan Black is an award winning artist (Cottesloe Acquisition Award 2016, Darc Magazine Ceiling, best decorative pendant/chandelier for “Nebula” 2017) born in London. His work reflects mathematical patterns found in nature like waves, leaves, shells, the human form etc. Tending towards the minimalist in design, his work reveals how order silently governs our world. His work has been exhibited at galleries and sculpture parks worldwide including the Peggy Guggenheim MuseumThe Cass FoundationFlowers East, Sculpture by the Sea Australia, Interart Sculpture Park Netherlands, Palmyra Sculpture Centre Mallorca, Kinetica museum, and the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden.

Square Wave is the first item of the collection Ivan Black for Atellani. Our aim is to combine beautiful pieces of kinetic art with precision mechanical machinery, making these incredible sculptures available worldwide!

Ivan Black is a very well known kinetic sculpture artist. His talent is in combining iconic natural forms with mathematical formulae that were inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, the basic structure that is the basis of most of Mother Nature’s creations. Square Wave is made of 21 metal rods that are precisely connected in a meticulous way with attention to every minute detail in order to create a complex fluid kinetic sculpture.

Square Wave was a very successful Kickstarter campaign. It all started when Atellani design studio contacted Ivan Black about collaborating together for a Kickstarter project. We were already familiar with Ivan’s large scale sculptures that are so popular on the worldwide art scene. Ivan is a very fascinating and well known British artist, loved for his awe inspiring large scale Kinetic sculptures. Our idea was to spread some fun to our kickstarter audience with a more affordable but yet fascinating and unique piece of kinetic art sculpture.

The Mechanism

While it spins, Square Wave generates a series of mind-bending optical illusions and unexpected hypnotizing revolutions, that mesmerized our eyes! Designed in the UK and handmade in Italy, Square Wave is available in 3 spectacular finishes: metallic silvereclipse bronze, and lunar gold. We recently added a limited edition Scarlet Haze.  Each one creates unique mesmerizing reflections and three diverse optical illusions.

Square wave is 100% manufactured in Italy by a factory that has more than 30 years of experience in metal machining.  Each Square Wave is completed by hand and requires tweaking and adjusting by hand in order to create a smooth and fluid motion. Each Square Wave is assembled and tested manually and measures (25 x 25 cm) and is made of high quality chrome plated steel. Square Wave is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Collection

Amethyst Limited Edition
$ 79.00 $ 54.00


Square Wave Bronze Eclipse
$ 69.00 $ 44.00


Square Wave Sapphire
$ 79.00 $ 54.00


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