The Fascinating Collection of Ivan Black and Kinetrika

Square Wave was initiated out of a collaboration between the artist Ivan Black and Kinetrika. We launched the project over a year ago and as time has passed, we have been pleasantly surprised by the number of customers that write to us thanking us for such a lovely tool for relaxation and stress relief. Ivan’s art is truly unique, and so inspiring to so many of us. In fact, Square Wave can serve as a focal point for meditation, just playful fun or it can bring a little magic to our every day. 

Kinetic outdoor sculpture by Ivan Black
Wind Ellipse outdoor kinetic sculpture
"Ivan Black creates interactive kinetic sculptures that are like giant mesmerizing art toys for adults to play with"
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Ivan Black is an award-winning British sculptor who is known for his large-scale, fascinating moving sculptures which have a kinship with physics & math. His moving artworks come alive by a simple movement of the wrist and by other forms of natural energy. 

This art form is truly multidisciplinary, an impressive blend of art and engineering. Through his skillful art, he constructs enthralling moving objects that can spin and twirl at their whim to create dynamic and engaging visual effects. This sculptural ingenuity earned him prestigious commissions (Adobe, Nobu London, Peggy Guggenheim) and worldwide recognition. 

Kinetic mathematical sculptures made by Ivan black


In building his sculptures, Ivan uses metal as the primary medium. He cleverly integrates this seemingly rigid and heavy material with geometry to create fluid structures that seem to float in the air. His creations are mesmerizing to look at and even more fascinating to interact with. Encountering his artworks is always personal and a one-of-a-kind experience because of the interactive nature of his art.  

3 cubes and yellow circles kinetic sculptures by Ivan Black
3 Cubes and Yellow Circles by Ivan Black


Ivan’s creativity is fuelled by pattern and shapes, particularly by forms found in nature. The repetition of identical shapes is a recurring theme in his work. Ivan looks for inspiration in things that resonate with him; being a sensitive artist, he absorbs his environment and channels it back into his works. One of his most iconic artworks, the Square Wave is inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, or as many know it, the golden ratio. This mathematical formula is often used in his engineering, creating perfect beauty and harmony within the elements.

Inspirational quote from Ivan Black


Kinetrika together with Ivan Black, designed a revised version of the original sculpture. We are dedicated to bringing his art to a broader audience and offering art pieces that can be affordable to many. We converted his artisanal method into a replicable process to create a new, smaller-scale Square Wave that continues to be assembled by artisans and is 100% handcrafted. Each Square Wave is made in the North of Italy, with EU-certified, high-quality materials.

Square wave kinetic spinner playful art
Our handmade kinetic sculpture can also be used as a unique fidget toy, a gentle stress remover to ease tension, or as a gorgeous geometric art piece for home decor or gardens.

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