Studying with Square Wave

Studying with Square Wave

Square Wave is truly versatile, in fact, it performs a variety of tasks or none at all, completely and entirely depending on what you want out of it. Like any meditative or soothing instrument such as a metronome, fidgeting toy or mandala, Square Wave can be a relaxing anchor in a sea of distractions. 
Discover how you can improve your studying experience with Square Wave!

Studies on the nature of kinetic objects has shown that sculptures like Square Wave can have a surprising effect on the human brain. For example, it can lead to increased cognition and concentration.

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Improving Cognitive Skills

Square Wave can be a sort of “secret key” to help boost your cognition while studying. Certainly, mobiles or Kinetic objects in general act as a soothing implement. Also, they are known to relax the mind of the user, making it easier to focus on a task like studying. 

Moreover, it has been suggested that kinetic artworks like Square Wave can help you sharpen your focus and improve cognitive skills. 
Fidgeting with Square Wave can release chemicals like dopamine and epinephrine which are essential in medication used to treat hyperactivity.

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A Lighthouse of Relaxation and Concentration

Square Wave is a beautifully designed work of art and it is perfect when it comes to helping us relax, meditate or concentrate. It is a great stress reliever precisely because of its mesmerizing waves and soft turning motions. Its fluid and rhythmic movements naturally increase the activity of the brain, by producing more dopamine and serotonin. 

That is why it can help with a number of conditions as well as simply improving your mood and sense of well-being. These “mood improving” qualities make it the perfect implement to use while or before sitting down to practice for a long exam. For sure, your Square Wave will act as a lighthouse of relaxation and concentration.

Work environments benefit from square wave boosting cognitive thinking

Touching Stories

Since we began our project we have had the privilege of seeing Square Waves end up in the homes of countless people. At the same time, we have had an influx of deeply positive and touching stories.
For example, they come from the parents of children dealing with the challenges of ADHD and Autism, who have let us know that Square Wave has been essential in soothing and helping them.

Square Wave can release chemicals like dopamine and epinephrine which are essential in medication used to treat hyperactivity

Knowing our humble sculpture has been able to help these kids get through the difficult times and daily challenges of life has been immensely rewarding. Hence why we wanted to pay tribute to that fact in this blogpost. Thank you to everyone who wrote us, we have heard you and we are humbled by your experience.

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