Square Wave’s Heritage: Truly Made in Italy

Square Wave is sleek and modern in design but make no mistake, it is still born out of a deeply rooted tradition of craftsmanship. Italy and Britain have both shared roles as centre for excellence in design and quality across the ages. It only seems fit that these countries would come together to produce Square Wave. After all, even the most contemporary designs could not be perfected without the wisdom and know how that has been passed down over generations of workmanship. 
This is what makes Square Wave so unique and so much more than a simple sculpture. It was developed with passion and experience, to make sure it is a product we would be proud to hand to our customers in person.

Excellence Through The Centuries

When we think of Made in Italy, it immediately evokes a feeling, an idea, that whatever that object, artwork or mechanism may be, it will perform excellently and was forged with the highest attention to detail in mind. It presents us with an expectation of luxury. Square Wave embodies the ideals of Italian craftsmanship, because despite its simplicity, everything from the sheen of its paint, to the box it comes in, have been meticulously considered and developed to provide you with that standard. That is only possible because of centuries of experience distilled into artisans who apply it to everything they do with rigour and passion. Because, after hundreds of years in the field, you learn that perfection doesn’t come from short cuts, it comes from a dedication to quality above all else.

British Ingenuity and Perfectionism

Square Wave was designed by the internationally recognized British artist, Ivan Black. He has been represented across the globe in places that range from the Guggenheim Museums to the Nobu Hotel in London. Ivan comes out of a uniquely British tradition of perfectionism and avant-garde that has lead to some of the most iconic designs in history, and his work on Square Wave hasn’t gone unnoticed as a result

Thanks to him we are featured in two of the most important contemporary art museums in the world the MoMA and MoCA in New York and Los Angeles. Setting your sculpture next to a number of other prestigious works of art.

Why Supporting Local and Ethical Production is Great

You might ask yourself why we put so much emphasis on the quality of production and the ethical values of Square Wave. Big companies often claim that their products are Made in the UK, USA or Italy – all of which are marks of excellence that need to be safeguarded and valued.

 Unfortunately some of these companies do not really respect what it means to make something 100% in that country, doing the bare minimum to get the label. We are rigorously dedicated to keeping production local. Because we know that while it costs more, it means a huge increase in not just the quality of the product but the lives of the people who make it

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