Square Wave’s Artisans – A Journey From Italy to Wales

When we sat at the metaphorical drawing board for Square Wave as both a work of art and a product, we knew that we wanted to create something minimalistic, yet superlative in quality. Luckily, we were based between two countries with centuries of experience in craftsmanship. This article is dedicated to those artisans and journeymen who have been an essential part of achieving our goals. They have made it possible to produce a beautiful product and interactive work of art. Their story begins in Italy or Vicenza to be more specific and ends on the wind swept shores of Wales, where our original designer finds his home.

Venetian Silver and Gold

Vicenza is an ancient city in the wider region of Venice. To say, that this unsuspecting town has a history of craftsmanship would be an understatement. Vicenza was a Roman city, covered in Palladian villas that needed to be covered in gold or other precious metals. As a result of that heritage, Vicenza became an expert in gilding and its precious metal work.

Kinetrika collaborates with a number of artisanal workshops across Italy. These local producers have deep ties to the region they are in and derive their excellence from that tradition. Square Wave begins its journey just north of Milan near the foothills of the alps, where it is painstakingly put together by hand.

Old map of Vicenza, the captial of gold and artisan craftsmanship
Old map of Vicenza, the captial of gold and artisan craftsmanship

Italian Hand-Craftsmanship

Every Square Wave is made with the utmost attention to detail. We make sure every pleat and lick of paint on our sculptures will resist the test of time and look beautiful while doing so. Our workshops are based in Northern Italy, near crystalline lakes and icy mountain peaks; these idyllic settings fuel the passion our craftsmen have for the works of art they produce. While this degree of attention to detail may come at a higher cost to us, it also means we understand every bit of the ethics and process of how our products are made. This also means, we are providing jobs and resources to workers who have missed out financially as the result of cheap and unethical labour. 

Ivan Black

Ivan Black, the artist behind Square Wave

Square Wave’s sculptor has a long career built on a number of prestigious projects and commissions that span the globe. He does all of this from his workshop in Pembrokeshire, Wales; an idyllic region caressed by soft, green rolling hills and majestic chalk white cliffs overlooking the stormy grey seaside.

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