Square Wave in Star Trek

Star trek is a series that is very hard to summaries in a paragraph, the science fiction show captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of children and adults alike, across the decades. The series’ concepts about space, culture and morality were groundbreaking and offered a view into the forward thinking mind of it’s visionary creator and former airline pilot; Gene Roddenberry. Those who have enjoyed Star Trek know all too well how enthralling and monumental the series is, you see this in the dedication of Star Trek’s fan base, where fans are known ubiquitously as “Trekies”. Square Wave recently had the immense privilege of being a part of the Star Trek saga and it’s canon when it was featured in the new Star Trek Picard series – read ahead to discover more!

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Square Wave presents itself for the first time in Star Trek Picard season 2 episode 7. Captain Picard is sitting with a therapist of some kind, discussing childhood memories of his time in the family estate’s arboretum. The therapist is dressed in an antiquated star fleet uniform and is surrounded by several nostalgic model ships and objects which evoke Captain Picard’s past in the star fleet.

 Square Wave is prominently placed alongside the model of the spaceship K-7 (from “The Trouble With Tribbles”) where it seems to occupy one of the most prominent points on screen. How fitting that Square Wave should be used in a therapy session, especially given the sculpture’s notable ability to sooth and relax…Coincidence? We think not! 

Futurism and Square Wave

We have consistently hit on the fact that we think Square Wave’s design principles allow it to be truly timeless, Star Trek Picard has managed to demonstrate that fact. We believe that Square Wave’s ability to fit in to futuristic environments is down to two main factors, minimalist design and an essential connection to geometry. Square Wave is made of simple lines and colors that could plausibly fit into any time period, a gold Square Wave might be an astronomical instrument found on the table of a 17th century scientist or when in the context of a spaceship, it becomes something entirely different. In other words Square Wave’s simplicity is it’s forte.

The complicated side of Square Wave is hidden in it’s movements, where it forms patterns based on the Fibonacci Sequence, a formula that dictates symmetry and beauty in the natural world. What could be more timeless than nature? Take any of these factors alone and they don’t make the whole picture but combine them and you get a sculpture that fits into nearly any environment… even nature itself!

square wave in star trek cover

Purchase The Square Wave In Star Trek Picard

Our highly popular Square Wave Silver edition was featured in the therapist scene in Star Trek Picard, you can purchase it on our store and get your own little corner of Star Trek at home! It is also worth noting that another of Ivan Black’s sculptures was featured in the science fiction series; his Double Helix Nebula. The sculpture appears In season 2 episode 1 by the bar as Dr. Agnes Jurati has a conversation! We are proud to boast this double link to the Star Trek series and have Ivan Black to thank for his vision and creativity!

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