Square Wave Bundles: Make Gifting an Easier Experience

Square Wave Limited Edition Bundle

As the holiday seasons comes knocking on our doors there is and always will be a certain degree of anxiety for those of us left in charge of finding gifts for our loved ones. The qualms of coordinating dozens of gifts leaves us with questions like “how do I make sure to get the best gift for them” or “how can I save money while still making everyone happy”.

Square Wave may have a solution for you. Purchasing a Square Wave bundle will get you between 3 and 4 sculptures that come in a variety of our most loved colors, so you don’t have to spend time wondering which of our individual offers will be the best choice.

The Square Wave Signature Series


There is usually an expected amount of pressure we put on ourselves not just to find a gift, but to find the very best gifts possible, so we can show those we care about just how much we care about them. A Square Wave Bundle is not a random amalgamation of our sculptures, before creating a “pack” or “bundle” we take the time to carefully select our best performing items, only picking Square Wave’s that are loved and appreciated by our customers and community.
Moreover, you save money on every bundle you purchase, meaning that you can buy in bulk without ever having to compromise on quality or beauty. The variety of colors will ensure that no two Square Waves will be alike. Every Square Wave Bundle comes with luxurious, silken black packaging, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about gift wrapping and can rest easy that your family and friends only get the very best!

Square Wave Classic Kinetic Sculpture Bundle

Relax and Cleanse Your Mind

Like anything in life there is the good and the bad, the yin and the yang. Distractions are no different, there are times when we need to be distracted and there are times where we need that little boost of energy to keep us focused; the two go hand in hand.
Playing with Square Wave, watching it gently spin like droplets falling off a fountain or the ripples on a lake… is relaxing, because it stops us from ruminating over our negative thoughts and anxieties. Repetitively spinning or flicking objects has been proven to reduce anxious behaviours. This in turn improves drive and focus because you are more calm and clear headed after a bit of fidgeting. If practiced in the long term, this can reduce your overall stress levels when confronted with new negative scenarios.

Square Wave United Bundle kinetic sculpture

Save Time Without Any of The Risks

During the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it would be an understatement to say that time is of the essence, we often find ourselves scouring for gifts at the last minute or simply overwhelmed by the choices we have to make. Square Wave Bundles ensure that you will pick the perfect gift every time without having to throw away your valuable time reading page after page of product reviews and prices.

We will select the best options for you and you can relax in the knowledge that no matter what you pick each sculpture will be a fascinating highlight of your loved one’s holiday season! Long gone are the days of buying gifts online with the risk of not picking quite the right one, every bundle provides you with Kinetrika’s top picks and most vibrant interactive artworks!

Square Wave Special Bundle

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