Regain focus and improve your ability to learn with Square Wave

Physical activity sharpens mental focus

Square Wave can put our minds at ease, clear our thoughts and sharpen our ability to learn. The interactive sculpture’s natural movements can create order in your mind and help you focus. This is no figment of our imagination: recent research sustains that toys made for fidgeting help minimize stress levels while also regulating negative emotions. Read on to discover how using Square Wave can benefit you in ways you never imagined.

When we think of all those moments we unconsciously fidget, we can see that these activities form an important part of our day-to-day lives. Some people have subtle fidgets that are only occasional; some people show behaviors of structured, repetitive fidgeting. Actions like foot-tapping, pen shaking, finger cracking – many of us have the unconscious need to perform them to help ease our tension. These activities can help to block out distractions that break our focus during the primary task we’re doing. All these secondary activities that are considered as hyperactivity and nervous movements are helping us to engage our focus with difficult tasks and boost cognitive performance.

How does fidgeting improve concentration?

Stress reduction toys and kinetic games like Square Wave can help you improve your attentiveness. This is because the harmonious, fluid motions engage the brain’s frontal lobe, releasing increased levels of dopamine and serotonin: the mind’s key happiness hormones. This region of the brain is usually underperforming in people with hyperactivity and spectrum disorders. This part of the brain controls several important functions such as voluntary movement, speech control, emotional expression, and attention. By manipulating external objects, our brain gets on a higher intensity level. Consequently, this will simply make it perform better.

Square Wave isn’t only stimulating, it also has calming qualities. Most of our customers feel a relaxing sensation when playing with Square Wave. Square Wave is a lot about being there: it is a soft sway of mesmerizing metallic waves that can put our mind at ease. The rhythm of movement and the repetition of shapes creates order in our thoughts and helps us tune back from daydreaming.

Meditative, just like a mandala

Activities such as playing with Square Wave can increase the attention of students showing signs of ADHD. The effect can be best explained as similar when painting a mandala. Focusing on the soothing concentric motion and the pleasing, fluid patterns can stop a noisy mind. Square Wave can enhance your concentration by eliminating those wandering thoughts that don’t let you work on important tasks.

Not only does your attention span benefit from sensory activities, but fidgeting also eases the spirit and mind: it is an effective way of releasing tension and even improving your creativity. Engineered by the rules of natural beauty, looking at the spiraling design of Square Wave can instantly give us a sense of calmness.

Playing with Square Wave is a naturally meditative activity that can help you relax without the need to stay still: it can be combined with other primary activities. You can focus on its motion to calm your thoughts and become more mindful and collected, or use it as a secondary task to concentrate more on the primary tasks, such as learning or rehearsing for a presentation.

Fidgeting for health and longevity

Studies have shown that fidgety activities such as spinning a Square Wave have a soothing effect on the mood and help people cultivating a more relaxed mind. Stress leaves our mind foggy and interferes with efficient learning. Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire in 2005 found that fidgeting lowers the levels of a stress hormone called cortisol in the brain, helping us gain clarity and become more productive and focused. Another study from the Shamatha Project at the University of California has shown that focusing on the now rather than letting the mind drift may also help lower levels of cortisol.

Stress leaves our mind foggy and interferes with efficient learning
Stress leaves our mind foggy and interferes with efficient learning

Another very surprising result has been revealed in 2015 by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. An extensive, 12-year long study which has been performed amongst a group of women aging between 25 and 69 has proven that subjects who have been sitting for long periods had a higher mortality rate than the group which had a more active lifestyle. Nothing is surprising about this, since we know by now that sitting is equally as bad as smoking. However, the study ended with one curious finding: there was no increased mortality risk from longer sitting time in the middle and high fidgeting groups.

Fidgeting can counteract the health problems that come with sitting for long periods of time
Fidgeting can counteract the health problems that come with sitting for long periods of time

Regain your focus and increase your learning capacity

In the times of homeschooling and online learning, children can benefit greatly from fidgeting toys such as Square Wave: they can help children to stay focused longer on a learning task or activity. Optimal brain arousal enables brains to be ready to learn and reach their full potential. “In low-stimulation situations, these restless brains may compel their owners to increase the intensity level with fidgeting, noise, laughter, or conflict, if there is no other route to high stimulation available.” – says Ellen Littman Ph.D., clinical psychologist about maintaining attention. During homeschooling children and adolescents need various and stronger stimuli that help them stay engaged. To improve their attention while studying, just place a Square Wave on their desk that they can spin anytime they need more concentration or need to focus on learning the material they are studying.

Young twins learning and drawing while relaxing with kinetic toys at home
Learning and primary activities can be more engaging when we let the kids fidget

Playing with objects like Square Wave can increase the attention span of people demonstrating signs of ADHD. Focusing on Square Wave’s soothing patterns can redirect a busy mind to pay better attention in class. This is essential to boosting a child’s ability to concentrate on the tasks they are given, when needed, as opposed to being easily distracted.

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