Playing With Square Wave

It is a rare and rewarding experience to be able to create something that is both beautiful and practical. Ask any designer or engineer and they will tell you that finding the balance between an ideal and reality can be one of the most difficult tasks for anyone creating anything. That said, we here at Kinetrika have been extremely lucky to develop a sculpture that is not only mesmerizing and entrancingly pretty, but which has also turned out to be an amazing toy and anti-stress object. Discover how playing with Square Wave can be a great experience!


Square Wave is a fine synergy between mathematics and art. It is embedded with and based on the Fibonacci Sequence a mathematical code that determines the symmetry and curvature of the universe. It is present in everything from our faces to the spirals that galaxies form in the night sky. This not only makes Square Wave innately visually pleasing, it also makes the sculpture a live representation of mathematics. This combination between the creative and logical makes your Square Wave an educational toy, that has the ability to inspire and impress!  



The best kinds of toys are the one’s that give us a sense of peace and many of us have the pleasant and unforgettable memory of gently swaying on a swing, loosing ourselves in trance to its methodical motions. A similar kind of relaxation washes over you when you use Square Wave, it’s gentle movements are therapeutic and can help with concentration. Playing with your interactive sculpture releases the same chemicals in your brain associated with medication intended to regulate hyperactivity. The effects can be astounding, as a result we have had countless family’s contact us to let us know Square Wave has been a key part in their journey. Especially, in dealing with difficulties associated with ADHD, PTSD and Autism.


Square Wave is made for the perfectionist in all of us, its perfectly weighted rods and soft angles make for a visually satisfying show for the mind. It’s lacquer-like colors and coatings chosen for their rich, vibrant tones, weather resistance and luxurious sheen. If you really lean in and really take a gander at Square Wave, you will realize no minor detail has been overlooked, it is deceivingly simple but intricately designed. Part of that excellence comes from the fact that we never compromise in production. We make everything in Italy using highly skilled artisans who will ensure that your Square Wave is fascinating down to the very last detail, making playing with it every inch more enjoyable.

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