How to spin your Square Wave

Square Wave is intuitive and easy to use but like in anything else, practice makes perfect. Check out this tutorial to get started with this fascinating kinetic spinner!

Practice with us to get those cool combos and dazzling illusions from your Square Wave. In this step-by-step video, we will introduce you to the basic movements that will make your Square Wave come alive. Repeat these steps a few times and soon you’ll be able to put your own spin on it. Whether you use Square Wave as a kinetic spinner or as a relaxing stress-reliever, this video is for you.

Once you are confident using your Square Wave, show off your skill and get featured! Send us your pictures and videos or use the hashtag #kinetrika in your social posts. Visit our Instagram and Facebook to get inspired by the Square Wave community!

Want to learn more about the different uses of Square Wave? Check out this article to get inspiration!

The Square Wave Collection

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