An unforgettable gift

If you have been to an office at any time in your life, you will have seen them, the simple yet hypnotic metallic toys sitting on the clean edge of a walnut-root desk or brass name tag. For the last few decades Executive Toys have been the gift of choice for the new and highly promoted, and there is a lot behind why that is the case.
These kinetic “toys” are so much more than just that, aside from their ability to soothe and relax the viewer. Something about their stoic simplicity conveys power and timelessness, like the three-word inscription on a heavy marble door frame, or the shape of a pyramid. Square Wave embodies those same age-old principles of design and functionality, meaning it has been created to be timeless and versatile.

An Unforgettable Gift

As you browse our storefront and read our descriptions of Square Wave, we use words like mesmerizing with a certain persistence, but what do we really mean? When your loved one opens their Square Wave for the first time, its fluidity and flurry of mind-boggling patterns will leave them captivated and stunned. Square Wave is also truly versatile. What makes it perfect, is that when they are done playing with it, their kinetic sculpture can easily be converted into a sophisticated work of art. Taking pride of place on their coffee table or above the mantlepiece.

Attention Given to Every Detail

Square Wave is the gift to give to any perfectionist, its perfectly weighted rods and soft angles make for a visually satisfying show for the mind; its lacquer-like colors and coatings are chosen for their rich, vibrant tones, weather resistance, and luxurious sheen. If you really lean in and really take a gander at Square Wave, you will realize no minor detail has been overlooked, it is deceivingly simple but intricately designed.

Part of that excellence comes from the fact that we never compromise in production, we make everything in Italy using highly skilled artisans who will ensure your gift is nothing short of spectacular, a level of quality only obtainable through fair wages and centuries if not millennia of experience passed down across generations. This kind of know-how and appreciation for the little things will make Square Wave the present of choice for anyone and everyone!

Square Wave Lunar Gold kinetic sculpture

Designed and Made in Italy

Just like the Kinetic sculpture itself, every box that holds a Square Wave has been meticulously designed, refined, and perfected to make sure that every person who opens one of our packages feels the wonderment of opening presents on Christmas Day, no matter the season. 

The exterior is smooth jet black paper with an embossed logo that feels like velvet to the hand, the interior: an artfully assembled cocoon of bends and extrusions alongside a poetic inscription to make sure your Square Wave is completely safe and cozy throughout its travels, ensuring it arrives at you in perfect condition. The entire box was designed and produced 100% in Italy, famous for its expert paper milliners who use methods dating back as early as the 10th century.

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