Express yourself With Square Wave

Square Waves minimalism and wide variety of color schemes makes it a profoundly versatile sculpture. Your Square Wave is ideal for use absolutely everywhere; in fact, we might even go so far as to say there are very few wrong ways to use a Square Wave when it comes to the fun you can have and places you can decorate with it! We often talk about how Square Wave can sooth and relax us, but it can also inspire your creative side. Read this blog to discover our favorite ideas for how you can use Square Wave to spruce up everything from your garden to a living room.

One’s Garden Is One’s Pride

Just like any interior space, one’s garden is one’s pride. The outdoor landscapes, be they large or small, that dot the corners and front lawns of our collective homes can be hard to imprint on. We want to leave our creative mark on the things we own, we want to be original and impressive in many of the things we do. It’s hard to be original when gardening is a millennia old art form. Square Wave is a new way to bring a touch of prestige to your greenery, not only will your Square Waves look beautiful – you will also be able to proudly boast that your garden sculptures were designed by a world renowned artists and handcrafted by Italian artisans in the foothills of the Alps.

We can think of a few ways that will spur on some interesting table talk during the summer months! Hang Square Waves by transparent wire from an oak to create a magical atmosphere, or purchase an aurora so that every wisp of wind or subtle movement will result in a dazzling show of enthralling northern lights!

Bespoke Expression

Mix and match different types of Square Waves to create your own artwork at home. Play around with hooks, wires and weights to connect individual Square Waves into larger cohesive sculptures. You can make your very own art installation depending on your tastes and needs, you may even be tempted to hang your Kinetic sculptures on the wall.

Get creative, test your limits and don’t be afraid to get a bit experimental! Some of our customers wrap their Square Wave in lights, some place their sculpture over air vents to watch them spin into infinity. As long as it isn’t dangerous, try new things and find new ways to make Square Wave move, who knows you might create something truly beautiful!

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