A New Way to Alleviate Stress With Square Wave

A New Way to Alleviate Stress With Square Wave

Many of us strive to find peace in our stress daily routine. Also, we also have a tendency to build up focus distracting energy as we continue to work in a less and less physically mobile world. 

The increase in people moving to bustling urban centers means a more sedentary life spent indoors, given the circumstances we let off excess energy by fidgeting so that we can remain focused. However, the act of fidgeting with an object can be deeply therapeutic and soothing to alleviate the stress.

Square Wave amethyst, the relaxing kinetic sculpture

Immerse Yourself in Relaxation

While it may be a bold statement, we truly and profoundly believe that Square Wave is the essence of personal zen. Your handcrafted sculpture is balanced and harmonious, its carefully calibrated and weighted arms are designed to perform a graceful and hypnotic ballet that will help you dive into a state of utter tranquility.

Set up Square Wave near the foot of your bed and watch its symmetrical curves gently pour into themselves, lulling you to sleep. Put your kinetic sculpture in a peaceful room of your choice and play with it a few minutes each day to release pent up energy or stress or maybe find a home for it outside and watch it twirl in the autumn wind as you sip a cup of warm tea.

immerse yourself in relaxation with square wave metallic silver

The Key To True Tranquility

Meditation is considered an art form largely because it is no easy skill to acquire. Relaxing, in and of itself, is simply a form of meditation. It is about clearing your mind and cleansing distractions or negative thoughts from your sub conscious in order to achieve a feeling of being refreshed and awake.

Square Wave helps you clear those thoughts with its gentle sway. Turning, twisting and running Square Wave through your fingers helps soothe your subconscious. Certainly, it lets out negative energy that builds up over the long hours we spend sat down.

Square Wave Lunar Gold in the forest

The Fabric of Our Universe

The Fibonacci Sequence is a mathematical formula that can be found across our universe including Square Wave. It is also naturally pleasing to the human eye and mind. In fact, we subconsciously seek out the proportions and harmonies present in the sequence. This is precisely why even if we do not necessarily directly attempt to include it in our works of art and sculpture (although many have done so intentionally), it can be found in so many masterpieces.

Square Wave Bronze Eclipse

There is an innate beauty in the sequence that draws us to it. That is why Square Wave is so soothing. In fact, the golden ratio is a code that has been programmed into the natural world and our minds making Square Wave a metaphorical teleportation device that can transport you to the tranquil perfection of waves crashing on the beach at dawn, or the wind blowing in beautiful spirals through the soft summer grass.

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