2021 Home Decor Trends

2020 has been quite a rough year for all of us. All of a sudden, we were all forced to abandon those daily activities we were accustomed to, like going to offices or schools, and set a new relationship with the environments in our homes. While changing habits and routines we turned our private homes into multifunctional spaces, where to work, train, or have dinner with friends through a Zoom call.

To celebrate the start of a new, brighter year, we are sharing some of the hottest trends in Interior Design for 2021. Here are some suggestions to bring some lighthearted happiness into your house and to match it with our Square Waves sculptures.


No doubt 2020 was full of hardships. So, biggest trend for 2021 is to surround yourself with objects that put a smile on your face. Interior design experts forecast a major use of decorations inside our apartments that celebrate life, suggest a positive attitude towards the future, and add a little sparkle in our hearts.

The Square Waves in our collection are the perfect way to bring such beauty and joy inside your home. Nothing is more fascinating and stress relieving than watching a Square Wave in motion. Being both a stunning sculpture and a soothing, relaxing fidget spinner, Square Waves are perfect decorations to chase away those negative thoughts that crowded your mind during last year.

Put them on their dedicated stands or hang them from the ceiling. Just create your very own compositions, and enjoy the magic of these pieces of art. You deserve it!


Colours are essential to infuse our lives with energy and optimism. That’s why we gravitate towards more colourful and playful designs that please our sight with positivity. For 2021, American company Pantone has declared two shades that will color the events of the next months: “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating”, an optimistic hue of yellow.

Pantone selected the pairing to help people “fortify themselves with energy, clarity, and hope” in a world that is facing increasing uncertainty. The grey vehiculates a message of composure, steadiness, and resilience, while the yellow embodies “the promise of a sunshine-filled day”.

Although we believe any of our Square Waves have a carefully selected unique color, if you’re interested in the Pantone’s latest trendy indications, we suggest two modern classics from our collection: Square Wave Lunar Gold and Square Wave Metallic Silver. These unique, elegant pieces of art with their metallic shine will reflect sparkles of optimism and resilience into your home.


As we all hope vaccines to be effective as soon as possible and for things to get back to normal, we may still have to work from home for a while in the coming months.
That’s why it is fundamental to have a personal, organized working station in your home. Create a dedicated corner to your home office where you set up your computer monitor and the tools you need to focus comfortably.

Get inspired and turn this space into a pleasant working environment: add flowers, lamps, and your favorite objects. For example, we suggest our Square Wave Horizon, the stand-alone kinetic sculpture specially designed to bring some beauty to your work desk. Working in a space you love is essential to increase your productivity!


Spending so much time at home made us realize the importance of being sourrounded by high quality, durable objects. Although fast furniture may be affordable, they don’t stand the test of time. Therefore it is time that we look for more sustainable alternatives.

2021 trends regarding furniture and homeware in Interior Design forecast the comeback of refined objects made by artisans with high-quality materials: products that are well designed and crafted with care, to be both ergonomic, beautiful, and suitable for prolonged use in time.

Good news: Square Wave checks all the boxes with these requirements too! Designed in the UK by the award-winning artist Ivan Black, every sculpture is handcrafted in Italy. Expert artisans precisely bend and curl the metal to create a seamlessly integrated mechanism. Other than being beautiful and hypnotizing, Square Wave is a perfect pick to embellish your home with a fine product that truly is a work of art


Since we have far less opportunity to go outside, we have been hyper-focused on our interior. Certainly, decorating a space is an act of creativity: it is both liberating and helpful to create an environment where we can rest and find peace.

In 2021 we’ll choose bold and authentic decorations that represent our passions, feelings, and dreams. So surround yourself with objects that inspire you and collect things that increase positive emotions.

Our Square Waves come in a great variety of colors, to best help you express your creativity. Find the one that resonates with you. Discover our collection, and be sure to follow us: new editions are always on their way here at Kinetrika!

The Square Wave Collection

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